Know the Ideas to Purchase A Perfect Vintage Halloween Costume

If you like to dress up in vintage style clothes, then Halloween is the day to fulfill your dream. You can even transform your ordinary clothes to creative Halloween costumes by using few attractive things. You can choose Halloween costume from any decade that suits you perfectly.

You can even choose from 50s Halloween costumes, but your idea will work if you choose matching accessories, hair style, and make up to get your look to admirable level. The following are few ideas for Halloween costume that help you in choosing a right one.

Tiki costume

It was popular party trend in 1950s. This party had Hawaiian drinks, clothing, and music. It is the fun costume for couples. Women can wear tropical print dress of 1950s and men can choose Hawaiian shirts. Remember to carry Pina Colada drink and wear lei.


The most famous Halloween costume in these days is blood sucking vampire. You can give vintage twist to your costume by combining both Zombie and vampire for a unique costume design. For this, purchase Pinup or retro dress or Flapper costume.

Vintage mummy

Choose any type of vintage clothes in white and wrap it loosely for this look. Also, wear cheese cloth and white fabric strips. Leave some clothes exposed to be an “old soul.”

Car hop

It is the popular job type for teens during 1950s. Wear a pair of capris or pants, skirt, skates, a bowling shirt, and make a tag with a pet name. This gives a perfect uniform look. You can even carry serving tray.

Dead costume

If you need a Halloween costume for rockability theme or common goth, then dead costume is a popular choice. Choose a white or black dress with Spanish lace, colorful flowers for authentic look. Also, draw skeleton design on face and use white makeup.

Witch, Spider, Black cat

It is the classic style Halloween costume worn in almost all the decades. Earlier, people did not dress up as something else or someone, but they included Halloween aspects in their daily clothing.

The main difference is present fashion prejudiced witch’s dress. If you add ears and tail to your vintage black color dress, then it becomes Black cat costume. Same with Spider costume, you have to wear bat wings, veil, and pumpkin hat.

Themed Clothes

You can also mix and wear your themed costumes of Halloween to make a unique costume. Choose the famous character Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas movie. For this, you need striped dress, pants or skirt. Also, wear a sweater or striped jacket. Wear spooky black cat heels and skull tights.

In addition to the above, you can try other popular 50s Halloween costumes including Up couple, retro Disney characters, House wife or Lucy, and many others.

There are many online vendors who sell a wide variety of Halloween costumes at reasonable price. Choose the best one and order your favorite Halloween costume and matching accessories to sparkle in the party.

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