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What Is The Optimal Vape Temperature For Weed Vaping?

Vaping dry herbs allow users to have control over temperature. Buds can reach a maximum temperature of 4000°F, but the strains subtleties and flavor gets lost. So, what is an optimal vape temperature? You can classify them into three main ranges. Each range offers a different experience. Therefore, the first thing to determine will be what kind of experience you desire to get from your vaping session.

On Express Smoke Shop you will come across different varieties of strains having diverse levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. The experiences differ from one person to another because different strain varies on cannabinoids and terpene levels. All these contribute to the taste, smell, and effects. All these organic elements volatilize at a different temperature, which changes the experience. You will need to play around different settings and eventually, you will discover the optimal temperature.

Lightly heated [325°F to 350°F]

The boiling point of THC that gets you ‘high’ is 315°F. If you desire to enjoy the fresh taste along with piney and citrusy undertones then go low. The throat hit will be less harsh and cooler. Even you will experience less severe side effects like red eyes, paranoia, and cottonmouth. Low temperature vaping gives you the energy needed without burning your day. It is a great setting for those who don’t want the euphoric feeling. 

Half heated [350°F to 400°F]

This range allows you to get sufficient terpenes and cannabinoids. The taste of cannabinoids is rich and the vapor is warm, thick, and satisfying. The psychoactive effects get experienced because THC gets volatized at this temperature. It puts the user in a meditative state. There is no drowsy feeling. Transitioning smokers can experience both flavor and effects.

High temperature [400°F to 430°F]

This is the range for maximum extraction of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The vapor is hot and less tasty. Users feel a strong psychoactive effect. It is suitable for night time because couch-lock gets induced. However, the terpenes quickly deplete at high temperatures. It is the closest to combustion, which can induce coughing rather than actual smoking. 

Trial and experiment will help you find the suitable temperature!

Useful tips

  • Heat gets wasted in drying the moist bud. Vaporizers are designed to work better with dry herbs. Therefore allow your weed to dry overnight and grind it for vape consistency.
  • Concentrates can be vaporized. The best temperature for THC oil and dabs will be higher than dry herbs. The same principle ‘less heat + good taste’ applies here. Too hot means flavor and valuable terpenes get burnt.
  • Low temperature is suitable for daytime use and you can have a temp burst in the evening or at night.
  • Low temp is conducive to flavor, while high temp induces psychoactive effects. Anything lower than THC’s boiling point of 315°F produces negligible euphoric effects.
  • The boiling point of CBD is 356°F [little higher than THC], so if your purpose is therapeutic then choose hemp-based CBD oil.
  • If you vape on low temperature, then don’t through the AVB [Already Vaped Bud]. Check its color – green or light brown means there are valuable cannabinoids still present. It is decarboxylated, so you can use it to prepare tea or edibles. 

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